A Simplified CMS for Radio Stations

With SoCast Web, your audience will be more engaged, spend more time on site and generate more ad impressions. Your team needs a simple, Radio-CMS that works with your station, and provides staff members with intuitive and specialized tools to make their jobs easier.

Social Integration – Our integrated Social Relationship Tool allows you to amplify content, manage and make your social media activity impactful and efficient.  Monitor, publish content and interact with your biggest fans through one, simple social dashboard.

Visual Composer – Drag and drop tools allow you to build your web pages, contests and blogs easily. Our “click, no code” page builder makes it so easy to build and manage your station websites.

Contesting & Membership Database – The integrated contesting engine and membership database, your website will offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship options for all of your ad partners.  The membership database will grow your audience IQ and provide tangible insights for your sales teams.

SoCast Engage – CMS Features

✓ WordPress based CMS
✓ Drag ‘n’ Drop page builder
✓ Content syndication
✓ Promotions Engine
✓ Membership Database
✓ Social Relationship Manager