Generate Revenue, Boost Tune-Ins and Supercharge your Membership with SoCast’s integrated suite of digital solutions.

By partnering with SoCast, your teams will save time and maximize revenue and engagement. Our products are designed to work together to help you achieve your digital goals.

Coupled with our Customer Success program, we make it simple to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

SoCast Web

With SoCast Web, your audience will be more engaged, spend more time on site and generate more ad impressions. Your team needs a simple, Radio-CMS that works with your station, and provides staff members with intuitive and specialized tools to make their jobs easier.

Social Integration – Our integrated Social Relationship Tool allows you to amplify content, manage and make your social media activity impactful and efficient.  Monitor, publish content and interact with your biggest fans through one, simple social dashboard.

Visual Composer – Drag and drop tools allow you to build your web pages, contests and blogs easily. Our “click, no code” page builder makes it so easy to build and manage your station websites.

Contesting & Membership Database – The integrated contesting engine and membership database, your website will offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship options for all of your ad partners.  The membership database will grow your audience IQ and provide tangible insights for your sales teams.

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SoCast App

The SoCast App was designed to deliver the most engaging mobile experience to your most loyal fans while offering your ad partners unique advertising opportunities that deliver ROI. Grow your membership and tuning by creating a 1-to-1 relationship between your listeners, talent and brands.

Conversation – Your listeners can easily connect and interact with your DJ’s and community managers in real-time.

Revenue Tool Kit – Synchronized audio and visual ads, sponsorable splash screens, video pre-roll ads, banner ads, and promotional posts are just a few of the tools that will help drive revenue.

Music Discovery — Automatically pull in an artist’s bio, music videos, and local concert dates so your listeners can learn more about their favorite artists.

SoCast Ads

SoCast Ads will enable your sales teams to sell integrated digital ad campaigns to compliment your traditional sales and grow revenue.  Get a larger share of ad budgets and deliver awesome results for your  advertisers.  You’ll be able to connect advertisers with their target audiences anywhere online.

Modern Digital Ad Tactics – Whether it’s geo-fencing, targeted display or re-targeting campaigns that your ad partner is looking for, SoCast Ads will enable you to deliver.

Fraud Proof – With our proprietary technology & partnerships, SoCast Ads will ensure that we deliver ads to the target audience on legit sites.

Training & Support  – Let us do all of the heavy lifting from training your sales team, providing all of the required sales tools & proposals, optimizing the campaigns and providing the reporting needed to show the results and generate recurring revenue.

Grow Your Revenue And Audience With These Additional SoCast Tools

SoCast Streaming

Our products are stream agnostic but we also offer a reliable and crystal clear streaming solution that allows your audiences to enjoy your broadcasts anywhere with a flawless listening experience.


Serve your podcasts on SoCast App. Your listeners can select and enjoy your on-demand content whenever they want – online or offline.  We make it easy to deliver all of your station’s podcasts for easy listening.

Premium Web Player

Gain control over your web player’s content to drive engagement and revenue. Drive traffic back to your website with the customizable and mobile-responsive SoCast Player. 

SoCast Voice

Get your radio stations back into homes by optimizing your broadcast for voice-activated devices. Enable interactive engagement with your audiences to give your brand stronger reach.

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