Introducing SoCast’s New Product Tiers

By Praveena V Apr 4, 2024 | 4:23 PM

At SoCast, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the digital landscape with ease and confidence. As part of this ongoing commitment, we’re introducing a new tier system—Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. This change aims to refine our service offerings, ensuring they align more closely with the diverse needs and budgets of our clients.

Understanding the Changes

In transitioning from our traditional categorization (small, medium, and large) to the new Plus, Pro, and Enterprise tiers, our goal is to offer a clearer understanding of what each package includes. This clarity will help us tailor our services more precisely to your needs:

  • Plus Tier is ideal for broadcasters just starting their digital journey, offering more than just the essential tools and services at an affordable price. This will replace the “small” tier. 
  • Pro Tier caters to those looking to expand their digital footprint with a more comprehensive suite of tools. This will replace the “medium” tier.
  • Enterprise Tier is designed for industry leaders seeking advanced features and custom solutions. This will replace the “large” tier.

Here is an overview of the product features by tier:

Change with You in Mind

We recognize that change, even when beneficial, can be hard. It’s important to us that you feel secure and supported during this transition. To that end, all existing clients will be grandfathered into the new system. This means:

  • No Loss of Current Features or Services: Whatever features and services you currently enjoy will continue to be available to you at the same price, unchanged, even upon renewal.
  • Access to New Innovations: As we roll out new features in our tiered service structure (Plus, Pro, and Enterprise), SoCast is committed to ensuring all clients benefit from our innovations. We plan to introduce basic versions of new features across all tiers, providing everyone access to advancements while offering options to upgrade for enhanced functionality. For example, with the new stock image system, Plus tier clients will receive 10 images per month per site, whereas Pro and Enterprise tiers will get 20, with a Premium option available for those needing 50 images.

Looking to the Future

This tiered approach isn’t just about organizing our products; it’s a reflection of our commitment to make digital growth easy and accessible for radio broadcasters of all sizes. By offering a more customized experience, we can more effectively meet the unique needs and budgets of each broadcaster, ensuring that you have the tools and support necessary to thrive in the digital age. We understand that transitions require adjustments and might raise concerns. Our team is here to guide you through this change, ensuring it’s as seamless as possible. Your success is our priority, and we believe these changes will offer you even greater support and opportunities to thrive.

Please contact us at support@socastdigital.com for any questions.