Financial Reconciliation for the Digital Shift

By Praveena V Dec 21, 2023 | 10:27 AM

We’re excited to introduce a crucial feature in SoCast Reach – the Financial Reconciliation Report, designed to work with WideOrbit and other automation software. This innovative tool is specifically developed to bridge the gap between traditional radio and digital order reconciliation.

As the broadcasting industry expands into the digital domain, finance managers are facing the challenge of reconciling digital orders, a task that is significantly different from traditional radio order reconciliation. SoCast Reach steps in to fill this gap, complementing WideOrbit’s capabilities and ensuring a smooth transition for finance managers new to digital.

Key Advantages:

  • Works with WideOrbit: Enhances your existing systems by bridging the gap to managing digital orders.
  • Automated Digital Reconciliation: Simplifies the complex process of digital order reconciliation, reducing manual efforts and errors.
  • Future-Ready Finance Management: Prepares finance teams for the nuances of digital order management.

Embrace the next level of financial management with SoCast Reach’s Financial Reconciliation Report. Visit our website or contact our support team to learn more about how this tool can streamline your digital finance operations. SoCast is committed to making digital growth easy, even for finance managers.

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